Mrs. Ravneet Kaur (Principal)

“The mission of Cambridge International School is to accomplish excellence and equity in education for our diverse population by ensuring that we provide each student with a positive attitude toward the self and learning. Cambridge International School prepares students to think creatively and critically, to communicate effectively via oral and written means, to welcome diversity in people, to appreciate the arts and to contribute positively to society. Cambridge International School prepares students for the future by assuring successful transition from one level of school to the next and ultimately from school to college or work. Cambridge International School also prepares students for a rapidly changing technological world. These preparations will help our students develop the skills necessary to achieve a high quality of life.”
As the principal of Cambridge International, I would like to welcome you and your child to our amazing school! Our staff and students are ready for another exciting and challenging year, where we strive to build strong character and academic confidence in all students. We maintain rigorous expectations, which are supported and taught by a community of educators who are dedicated to increasing student achievement. The long-standing tradition at Cambridge International is to provide excellence in education where students become independent learners, gain higher order thinking skills and experience real-world connections.
From our state-of-the-art media center to our fine arts programs and activities, students receive the quality education they deserve. By preparing students for a culturally diverse world, our staff promotes the development of respectful, thoughtful learners capable of seeing the world through different perspectives. We encourage students to accept their peers and become comfortable with their individual uniqueness, leading to positive peer interaction and an appreciation for different cultures.
At Cambridge International, it is our belief that by creating a strong support system for students, they will turn into confident, responsible decision-makers. With a variety of events taking place each month, students and families are given the opportunity to experience the Cambridge International atmosphere first-hand and to interact in the school environment, building a strong connection between families, students, staff and the community.